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DIVE ARMY Expeditions

DIVE ARMY prides itself on putting together some of the most beautiful and memorable experiences possible for divers and non- diving family members and friends alike; to not only exotic locations but also to some of the most beautiful and coolest local dive spots in the country and the world.  

DIVE ARMY Expeditions are all about family and friends; "going places, meeting people, and doing things while diving". DIVE ARMY routinely puts together trips that highlight exquisite diving and adventure, but at the same time we put emphasis on building amazing memories with family and friends whether it be under the water, on the water or on land. Some examples include our Great White Shark diving trip to Guadalupe Island, Mexico; The Galapagos Islands;  Grand Bahama Island, Playa Del Carmen, Florida Keys, and Mahahual and Akumal in Mexico. On our upcoming dive trips we have a number of family members traveling and diving together in places like Raja Ampat, Socorro, Egypt and the Red Sea, and Komodo.  When we dove the Bahamas on numerous occasions we also take the time to do some local sight seeing including going to a local fish fry, visiting Gold Rock Beach where some of the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean was done and even met a local man who played as the character "Boot Strap Bill" in the Pirates of the Caribbean,  and also toured Lucaya National Park. When we dove the Florida Keys there was also an option on some of the shallow trips for snorkeling for non-divers plus we enjoyed other activities such as para-sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and exploring local attractions, beaches, and eateries--GREAT Cuban sandwiches, the best Key Lime pie, and lots of great sea food. 

In the near future we are planning a trip to Komodo Island in Indonesia to dive with Manta Rays over the famously beautiful reefs of the "Coral Triangle" as well as land tour to see the famous Komodo Dragons. We are going to Sri Lanka which is a non-diving trip to tour the ancient temples, but to also go on multiple jungle safaris to see Sloth Bears, Indian Elephants, Jaguars, tropical birds, and much much more. Only a 1 hour flight from Sri Lanka is the famous Maldives where we will do a week long live aboard tour. Typically non-diving spouses or family members join their diving partners on our liveaboards as they are still able to snorkel, enjoy the land tours and the many amenities of the yacht.

DIVE ARMY is a strong and avid supporter of conservation and we pride ourselves in promoting AWARE conservation certifications.  Additionally, when we do dive trips we also incorporate an optional one day of diving dedicated to completing a Project AWARE project.

DIVE ARMY routinely includes the opportunity for additional PADI training and certifications as interest and time permit. We also offer PADI certifications in preparation for our trips so that you will be fully prepared mentally, psychologically and physically to participate in these travel opportunities.  

DIVE ARMY offers assistance in your selection of new equipment before our DIVE ARMY Expeditions, and will happily spend time with you to acclimate you to your new gear.  So, even though we may list our trips as dive trips they are REALLY opportunities for vacations with family and friends and the opportunity to develop some lasting memories--all good ones, we are sure.


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Shark Trek 2019:
January 20- 25, 2019
Megalodon Tooth Diving, NC:
September 24, 2018
Maldives Liveaboard:
January 14- 21, 2024
Sri Lanka Safari:
January 21-27, 2024
Great White Sharks, Guadalupe:
October 18-22, 2018
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