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Ultimate Phillipines Safari 2026

Sail away with DIVE ARMY to the famed reefs of Palawan on our Palawan Ultimate Safari live aboard scuba diving adventure onboard the Navis 1 of Manta Liveaboards. Highlights include best WWII Wrecks in South East Asia, dive the world-famous Barracuda Lake, a freshwater lake with a huge thermocline, magestic manta rays in Sibaltan, lots of Sharks, night Dives on WWII wrecks and an amazing muck dive, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the remote Linapacan Archipelago, and seeing the rarely visited Linapacan WWII wreck. Afterwards we will transfer to the world famous Malapascua, famous for their thresher shark dives!

Experience 11 days and 10 nights of  diving one of the most spectacular and sought after dive locations in the world.

March 17- March 28, 2026

Itinerary Overview

  • March 17-March 24 Liveaboard in Palawan

  • March 24 Fly to Cebu (not included)

  • March 24-28 Diving in Malapascua

  • March 28 Transfer back to Cebu to fly home

Package includes:

For ONLY: $3350 (Double Occupancy)

  • Liveaboard in Palawan 7 nights/8 days full board accommodation based on double occupancy. 3 meals daily, Breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks. Unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee, fruit juice & soft drinks

  • Malapascua:  transfer to and from Cebu airport, 12 boat dives (tanks, weights, DM, tea, coffee, and drinking water), 4 nights AC Deluxe seaview room at Blanco, breakfast, free thresher shark t-shirt, mask strap, or logbook, 2 night dives, day trips, 1 lunch on the boat

Does not include:


  • Airfare to Philippines or Palawan

  • Transfers unless otherwise specified

  • Marine Park Fee/Port Fee

  • Nitrox

Note: Clients may participate in just the Palawan Liveaboard or just the Malapascua Thresher Shark diving package but preference will be given to those attending the full itinerary. Contact us for pricing.

Forms: Required for Registration

Palawan Financial Agreement Form

Palawan Liability Release

Optional Media Release

Know Before You Go

Payment Plan:

$500 deposit


$190 a month until 1 Oct 2025 upon which time balance will be due


1 Jul 2024- $475

1 Oct 2024- $475

1 Jan  2024- $475

1 Apr  2024-  $475

1 Jul  2024-  $475

1 Oct 2025- $475 or balance will be due.

Accepted payments: credit card, check, venmo, cash app, cash, paypal (service fees may apply)


March 17:  Sibaltan

You will board the Navis 1 at Dipnay where you will be met by our crew and shown to your assigned cabin. We will do a check dive at the Manta Station, and then another 2 coral reef dives. – 2/3 Dives


March 18: Linapacan

We will dive the amazing Shark Highway, as well as Lululan Rocks and A Few Dives around San Miguel – 4 dives


March 19: Linapacan

This day will be spent diving the amazing sites around Linapacan. These sites are known for their great visibility and pristine coral reefs – 4 Dives

March 20: Coron Wrecks

This day will be spent diving the world renowned WWII Wrecks of Coron and will end up with a beach party at Black Island. 3 dives 


March 21: Dugongs

Today we dive with the majestic dugongs of Calauit Island. Afterwards we make our way Apo Reef with a remote dive location on the way. 3 dives

March 22: Apo Reef

4 Action packed dives at the World famous Apo Reef. Today will be spent diving around Apo Island. 4 dives

March 23: Apo Reef

The last dive day of the trip will visit some more dives at the amazing Apo Reef followed by a beach party. 2/3 dives

March 24: Coron

Today we arrive in Coron at 8am to disembark

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 4.36.13 PM.png
The Yacht:
Port start: El Nido
Port end: Corón

Introducing the Navis 1, our spacious and stable twin-hulled catamaran designed to provide the ultimate liveaboard diving experience.


Vessel Info

  • 23 M Long & 13 M Wide

  • 9 Aircon Cabins 

  • Ensuite Bathrooms

  • Camera Room

  • Huge Roof Deck with Bar

  • Large Dining Area

  • 18 Passengers Capacity

  • Starlink High Speed Internet

All meals, snacks and beverages are provided.

Twin Shared Rooms

The Navis 1 has 5 Twin Shared Rooms, all with a large window, air conditioning, ample storage space under the bed, and ensuite bathroom with a hot shower.

Solo travelers may be paired up with another passenger but never of the opposite sex.


Double Rooms

The Navis 1 has 4 Double Rooms, all with a large window, air conditioning, ample storage space under the bed, and ensuite bathroom with a hot shower.


Onboard the Navis 1, socializing and unwinding are as much a part of the experience as the dives themselves. The indoor lounge offers a cozy space to share stories and watch presentations, while the open-air dining area allows guests to savor delicious meals with a view. The highlight of the Navis 1 is the expansive roof deck, which features a fully-stocked bar and plenty of seating, creating the perfect setting to unwind after an exhilarating day of diving and soak in the panoramic views of Palawan’s stunning coastline.


Malapascua Itinerary


Dive with Malapascua's famous thresher sharks! Malapascua is known as the only place in the world where thresher sharks can be seen every day. Sightings have been amazing, the best in the 20 years we have been here. 


In recent times we have been getting sightings throughout the morning and so usually do a double dive for thresher sharks. And since late 2022 we have been getting amazing sightings a new site, Kimud Shoal, as well as at the original site, Monad Shoal. The schedule varies day-to-day, and also sometimes we have 3-dive trips or occasionally 1-dive trips.

We have a very special spot where we dive for threshers and we believe it is the best shark experience you will get on Malapascua! Let me tell you why!  

  • Most other shops go to one of two very small cleaning stations to see  the sharks. Here the divers stay in the same spot and kneel behind a rope waiting for a shark to appear. There are usually 4-8 boats at each spot so you will see a lot of other divers and there is not much to see if you do not see a shark.  

  • TSD dives in a different area, where there are rarely any other boats and it has many cleaning stations. So it’s never too busy.  We have spectacular, often close up sightings almost every day, in a much more private setting. It’s is also more interesting as it’s a “swimming” dive with the chance to see many other creatures like frogfish and ghost pipefish as well as other pelagics like rays and other sharks!

  • At the old site, you would be lucky to see more than one shark in a dive. Now it’s not unusual to see 10 or more and sometimes several at the same time! 

About Thresher Sharks

The thresher shark, or Alopias pelagicus is a type of mackerel shark or Lamniformes. In German it is known as Der Gemeine Fuchshai, or fox shark. The threshers grow up to a length of 5-6 meters, about half of which is the huge scythe-like tail for which it is named.

Thresher sharks normally live in deep water and are nocturnal (night creatures), so are not often seen by divers. Although they can be seen occasionally in other locations, we know of nowhere else they can be seen so regularly. They have very small, sharp teeth and very big eyes to see in the dark. They eat squid and schooling fish such as herring and mackerel and they use their tails to “corral” the fish into denser schools. The tail may also be used to stun the fish. They will sometimes “breach” and can jump completely out of the water.

Sadly, like most other shark species, the number of thresher sharks in the world is declining due to over fishing for their fins and meat. Monad Shoal has recently been made a marine park to help protect these creatures.


Dive Shop and Hotel Info


We are located on Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, just off the north tip of Cebu in the Philippines, near the western end of this picture-perfect white sand beach.

We like to keep things small so that your dive experience is as personalized as possible. You won’t be just one insignificant diver among many. We keep groups as small as we can, usually only 4 per group. In addition, we try to be flexible and will do our best to accommodate the dive sites you want to go to. We can often go diving even if it is just you on the boat.


We are a PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Center, the highest level of PADI dive center, and the only one on Malapascua so you know that we meet the high standards of PADI. We also teach the widest range of courses on the island, all the way up to PADI Instructor level including technical courses up to Trimix Instructor.

Blanco Resort

An Italian family-owned and run boutique resort, Blanco is one of the best resorts on the island. Modern, stylish rooms with balconies and amazing seaviews. They have a private beach adjoined to a protected snorkelling area with a resident population of 40+ blacktip reef sharks.


Just next door: Angelina's famous Italian restaurant. 

Note: they are built on a small cliff so there are some stairs to climb. It is only 3-5 minutes walk from the dive shop.

For what they offer we believe they offer excellent value for money.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 1.38.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 1.38.53 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 1.39.16 PM.png



  • 4 nights, AC room, deluxe sea view room at Blanco Resort (twin/double/triple)

  • Breakfast

  • 10 dives (tanks, weights, boat, DM)

  • Transfers, round trip, to/from Cebu (airport/hotel/port)

  • Free Thresher Shark Tshirt, mask strap or logbook

  • Free tea, coffee, and drinking water on the boats

  • Wifi in the bar and dive shop



  • Equipment rental: P350 per dive (free during courses)

  • Torch (light) rental: P300

  • Computer rental P250 per dive

  • Nitrox: +P3000

  • 15 litre or 10 litre tanks: +P100/500 for air/nitrox

  • Optional Lunch is usually +P500

*All surcharges, including marine, park and port fees, are subject to change at any time, and without notice.

The applicable marine park fees for your itinerary will be added to your onboard extras to be paid on the boat before disembarkation.

Medical/ Safe Travel Requirements:


All travelers are required to ensure that they individually meet the safety/ medical travel requirements into the host country. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns about your dive fitness readiness.


Dive accident insurance is required and trip insurance is strongly recommended. 

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