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DIVE ARMY was originally founded in 2008 by Chris Adams as a scuba diver retention tool to keep students interested in scuba diving and continuing their formal dive education. Since that time, DIVE ARMY has become synonymous with the training of scuba divers and instructors for certification in the field of scuba diving as well as world class dive excursions to locations all over the United States and the world. DIVE ARMY has also grown into a large scuba diving community with over 1000 members and is continually growing with branded clothing and dive apparel all while recognizing and adhering to the strictest of PADI standards and the promotion of conservation awareness through Project AWARE.

DIVE ARMY has created and authored one of the most successful VA approved training programs and catalog for U.S Armed Services veterans to utilize their well-earned, well-deserved VA educational benefits through the utilization of their GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation. These programs have been successfully utilized in California and the Florida Keys since 2010.  We pride ourselves on helping dive shops setup these amazing programs for our veterans.



Our Team.

DIVE ARMY takes divers on expeditions all over the world to discover the unseen world under the sea as well as exotic adventures on land. We also provide training for a plethora of certifications, including recreational diving, conservation diving, enriched air diving, and rebreather diving as well as CPR/First Aid courses. DIVE ARMY also works very closely with Diveheart to promote diving to adaptive divers and those who would assist adaptive divers in their pursuit of scuba diving.

Meet The Army

DIVE ARMY is a collective of instructors based all around the US. Wherever you are, we want you to receive the best training.

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