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ABOUT Sarah Sisco,
Master Instructor

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Sarah has always had a passion for marine life. This is exemplified through her choice to pursue a career as a PADI Master Instructor and has been emboldened by her academic endeavors. 


Sarah became certified at 16 years old in Blue Grotto springs Florida, after years of watching her mom and grandfather dive together. It was meeting Chris Adams, cofounder of DIVE ARMY that sent her on the path to becoming an instructor. After a refresher course and a trip to the Cayman Islands, Sarah was hooked. She sailed through numerous recreational certifications in Monterey, California and in October 2013 became an open water scuba instructor. Determined to share her passion for diving, Sarah has certified numerous divers around the US including California, Florida and now Hawaii, achieving her master instructor rating in August, 2021.

Sarah graduated from Florida International University with a bachelors in marine biology, boasting honors and summa cum laude. She interned with several labs including the Heithaus lab for marine community and ecology, Chapman-Papastamatiou predator ecology lab, and worked as a technician and project manager in the Trexler aquatic ecology lab. Her favorite experience was working with juvenile bull sharks in the Florida Everglades. Now she is actively seeking a PhD program in an international location to study marine megafauna, emphasizing in elasmobranch ecology. 

Chris and Sarah both have an insatiable desire to travel and dive the world. After joining forces (getting married) in 2019, they have worked together to build and share the ultimate bucket list travel itineraries. Along the way, Sarah discovered her passion for underwater photography which she hopes will inspire people to explore the underwater world she calls her "office". She continues to attend and lead DIVE ARMY excursions in the interest of sharing her knowledge of the ocean and making new dive friends. 

Master Instructor


Peak Performance Bouyancy Instructor

Night Diver Instructor

AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation Instructor

Project AWARE Instructor

Deep Diver Instructor

AWARE - Fish Identification Instructor

Drift Diver Instructor

Wreck Diver Instructor


Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor

Enriched Air Diver Instructor

Boat Diver Instructor

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor

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AWARE - Sea Turtle Conservation Instructor

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Dive Against Debris Instructor

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AWARE - Shark Conservation Instructor

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Invasive Lionfish Tracker Instructor

Sarah Sisco

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Maui, Hawaii

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