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Tubbataha National Park Liveaboard 2027

Sail away with DIVE ARMY to the famed reefs of Tubbataha on our Tubbataha National Park live aboard scuba diving adventure onboard the Philippine Siren of the Master Liveaboards Fleet!


Accessible only by liveaboard, the Tubbataha Reefs were proclaimed as a National Marine Park in 1988 and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993, in recognition of their outstanding universal value in terms of marine life species diversity and richness. These reefs consist of vertical walls or near drop off's rising out of great depths where hammerheads, thresher sharks and whale sharks can be seen.

Experience 7 days and 6 nights of  diving one of the most spectacular and sought after dive locations in the world.

Forms: Required for Registration

Tubbataha Financial Agreement Form

Tubbataha Liability Release

Optional Media Release

Know Before You Go

March 30- April 5, 2027

Package includes:

Trip (double occupancy)-


Premium Cabin- $4350 (Double Occupancy)

6 nights full board accommodation based on double occupancy

3 meals daily, Breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks

Unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee, fruit juice & soft drinks

Transfer between Puerto Princesa Airport or local hotel and embarkation / disembarkation point.

Up to 4 dives per day,11 litre (AL80) cylinder with air fills, Weights, weight belt and SMB

Disembarkation transfer and Embarkation transfer


Does not include: Airfare to Philippines or Palawan; Transfers outside of Puerto Princesa *Marin Park Fee, *Port Fee. As well as land options before/after cruise which are available at additional cost; hotel accommodations before/ after the cruise, tips, personal expenses, or alcoholic drinks. 

*Marine Park Fee, Port fee and fuel surcharge of $120 may change up to 30 days before the trip and is payable onboard the vessel

Nitrox available for every dive for only $90

Payment Plan:

$500 deposit


$340 a month until 2 June 2026 upon which time balance will be due


1 May 2025- $770

1 Aug  2025- $770

1 Nov  2025-  $770

1 Feb  2026-  $770

2 Jun 2026- $770 or balance will be due.

Accepted payments: credit card, check, venmo, cash app, cash, paypal (service fees may apply)


Day 1: Meeting point for embarkation, Hotel Centro, Puerto Princessa at 12:30. Embarkation from Baywalk Pier at 13:00. 


IMPORTANT: All guests must be ready to embark at 13:00. Before we can leave port there is a mandatory briefing and check by coast guards where all guests must be on board. Any delays due to late arrival of guests may result dives being missed or refusal to leave port. 

Once on board, lunch will be served followed by a mandatory briefing from the Tubbataha Management Office and a check conducted by the coast guard before the boat can leave port. There is no diving on embarkation day.

Days 2-5: Up to 4 dives (3 day dives and a sunset or night dive), typically scheduled as follows:
- Light Breakfast followed by a briefing and Dive 1
- Full Breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 2
- Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 3
- Snack relaxation period, briefing and Dive 4, where possible
- Dinner

Day 6: Two morning dives* in Tubbataha National Park before Philippine Siren commences the 12-16 hour crossing back to Puerto Princesa.

Day 7: Following breakfast on board, disembarkation at Baywalk Pier between 09:30 and 10:00. *We kindly request that guests check their flight departure times to ensure that they leave a minimum of 24 hours between their final dive and the departure of their flight from Puerto Princesa. 


Disembarkation before 9:30 is not possible. Please do not book flights that depart before 12:30pm. 

Number of scheduled dives: Up to 19



  • Transfer from Puerto Princessa Airport and local hotels to Hotel Centro and from Hotel Centro to Baywalk Pier are provided free of charge on embarkation day

  • Tranfer from Baywalk Pier to local hotels or Puerto Princessa Airport is provided free of charge upon disembarkation at 10am

  • Transfer from and to hotel and resorts outside of the Puerto Princessa city boundaries can be arranged for an additional charge

This itinerary involves some long distance cruising to and from Tubbataha National Marine Park and, whilst we attempt to ensure the number of dives we have scheduled is fulfilled, bad weather can affect cruising time and may impact on the number of dives that are possible. Sample itineraries and maps are for illustrative purposes only. The exact route and sites visited are subject to change based on local regulations, guest experience, weather and logistics, and is at the Captain’s discretion.


Tubbataha Reefs Information

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park comprises North Atoll, South Atoll and Jessie Beazley Reef and is often rated as one of the world’s best diving destinations by those who have been fortunate to dive there.


The following are prohibited in Tubbataha Reefs

● All Single use plastics Dive operators are mandated to follow the No-Single-Use Plastics which includes all drinks in plastic bottles, snacks in plastic wrappers, etc.

● Diving with gloves (unless for medical reasons)*

● Use of reef hooks, tank bangers and nudi-pointers

● Use of drones without a permit

● Dives longer than 60 minutes

● Night dives


∗guests who have medical issues and are advised to wear gloves for protection underwater must carry medical certificate for this purpose. There is no exception to this rule.


Dive sites consist mainly of vertical walls or near drop offs rising out of great depths, with shallow reef tops teeming with local reef fish. The angelfish, butterfly fish, rainbow runners, moorish idols, fusiliers, jacks, snappers and sweetlips follow you around, while stingrays, marble rays, spiny lobsters and juvenile reef sharks are also common sightings in many places. There are several species of turtle known to inhabit the waters of this gigantic natural park; the most commonly sighted being green and hawksbill. Large trevally, tuna and barracuda as well as grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks can be spotted patrolling the reefs on the majority of the dive sites, whilst manta and eagle rays are occasional visitors. Groupers and wrasse flourish here and sightings of hammerheads and silver tip sharks have been amongst the large elasmobranchs spotted by guests of the Siren Fleet during our cruises. In addition to breath-taking dives, you will have the opportunity to visit the ranger station on the North Atoll to learn more about the marine protection of the area.


Dive Sites

Following is a sample of the dive sites which we may visit during your time aboard Philippine

Siren. The safety of our guests is paramount and we always do our best to offer diving at

alternate locations, should we be unable to visit those sites listed below.

Guests are welcome to suggest preferred dive sites to the Cruise Director who will be happy

to accommodate guests’ wishes, providing it is possible and the schedule allows for it.

Delsan Wreck

One of the best dive sites in Tubbataha with big schools of big-eyed trevally, yellowtail

barracuda, great barracuda, dogtooth tuna, giant trevally together with grey reef sharks and

white tip reef sharks.

Washing Machine

A wide variety of colourful reef fish form schools here; from big-eye jacks to tiny orange &

purple anthias, all creating a welcoming atmosphere. Spot the tiny creatures including cowries

wedge themselves amidst the leather and whip corals. It is a great site for turtles, and whale

sharks have also been spotted here.

Shark Airport

Many white tip reef sharks resting at the shallow plateau are typically seen here; hence the

name Shark Airport. Dog tooth tuna, schools of trevally, marble rays, eagle rays, nurse sharks

and batfish all add drama to the stunning reef. Turtles and moray eels are a common sight but

divers should watch out for the triggerfish.

Jessie Beazley Reef

Huge schools of surgeon fish and unicorn fish hover over the reefs, where we commonly see numerous grey reef sharks and huge Napoleon wrasses.

Amos Rock

Moorish idols, sweetlips and snappers all form large schools here, also commonly seen are

white tip reef sharks, great barracuda and giant trevally. When lucky, pygmy seahorse can be

found in the gorgonians.

Black Rock

There is so much to explore at this dive site that we will often spend the whole day diving

here. Schools of surgeonfish, rainbow runners and sweetlips are a common sight. White tip

and nurse sharks are found resting under huge table corals and scribbled filefish, box fish and

leaf fish add to the colour and spectacle of the stunning reefs; a great site for spotting spiny

lobster too!

North East Wall

Adorned with stunning sea fans and colourful soft corals. This wall is super for wide-angle

photography. Schools of bannerfish hover in the blue, turtles bumble along the wall and from

the sandy bed garden eels and gobies emerge.

Staghorn Point

Golden, pinnate and longfin spadefish all form schools along this fan encrusted wall,

meanwhile clouds of purple anthias hover over the fields of staghorn corals in the shallow reef top. Also this is a good site to spy turtles, snowflake morays and spiny lobster.

Malayan Wreck

This reef is the habitat for different trevallies, barracudas, bump head parrotfish, juvenile grey reef sharks with the usual suspects darting around. Marbled stingrays can sometimes hang out here.

The Yacht
Port: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

  • Length: 40m

  • Beam: 9.7m

  • Passengers: 16

  • Staterooms: 8

  • Boarding: Varies by Charter

  • Check out: Tuesday 7 am


The 40 metre Philippine Siren liveaboard was built on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Handcrafted from ironwood and teak (traditional to the area), you will find no other diving liveaboard as beautiful in waters of the Philippines.

Philippine Siren is the largest of the Master Liveaboards’ Siren Fleet phinisis, welcoming up to 16 guests in eight cabins. Guest accommodation on board comprises two fixed double bed cabins, four fixed twins and 2 cabins that are flexible doubles/twins. Each cabin is equipped with individually controlled air-conditioning units, plenty of storage space and private ensuite bathrooms. 

There is a variety of nightly entertainment, including diving, fish identification presentations, movies, games and more. If you have a favorite movie or digital presentation to share, we encourage you to bring it along. The staff especially loves new releases of movies, recent magazines and books. A small library of books for exchange is maintained onboard as well as fish identification books for reference.

All meals, snacks and beverages are provided.

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Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 16.08.26.png

Local Fees and Taxes

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 16.20.01.png
Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 16.18.23.png

*All surcharges, including marine, park and port fees, are subject to change at any time, and without notice.

The applicable marine park fees for your itinerary will be added to your onboard extras to be paid on the boat before disembarkation.

Medical/ Safe Travel Requirements:


All travelers are required to ensure that they individually meet the safety/ medical travel requirements into the host country. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns about your dive fitness readiness.


Dive accident insurance is required and trip insurance is strongly recommended. 

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