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Great Hammerheads in bimini


We just got the all clear from the man himself.  DIVE ARMY will be joining Bimini Undersea for another one of their FANTASTIC Great Hammerhead dives in Bimini Bahamas!

We have secured 8 spots and they are on a first come first serve basis for December 14, 2019!

ONLY $399 per person

 What this package includes: 

- Round trip ferry transportation onboard Balearia Caribbean in economy class 

- 1 (one) carry on piece of luggage not exceeding 22” X 18” X 10” 

- Fees, taxes & Bahamas departure tax ($69) 

- Transportation from ferry terminal to Bimini Undersea dock and vice versa 

- 1 (one) tank, Great Hammerhead SCUBA dive operated by Bimini Undersea 

- Dive tanks (Aluminum 80’s) with air, belts & weights 

- VAT (Value Added Tax) 12% on dives 

 What this package DOES NOT include: 

- Food & drinks onboard the ferry & in Bimini 

- Parking at Port Everglades 

- Checked luggage at ferry ($25/bag each way) 

- Nitrox is NOT available 

- Dive gear is NOT included for group travel 

- Gratuity is appreciated but not mandatory 


 Trip Itinerary:

6:00 AM Check-in starts at Port Everglades 

8:00 AM Check-in ends, terminal door closes 

9:00 AM Ferry departure 

11:00 AM Arrival to Bimini, transfer to Bimini Undersea 

12:00 AM Gear set up - free time 

12:45 PM Dive briefing 

1:00 PM Dive boat departure, Great Hammerhead Dive 

5:00 PM Return to dock - free time 

6:00 PM Check - in at ferry terminal 

7:30 PM Ferry departure 

9:30 PM Ferry arrival to Miami 

Payment / Refund / Cancelation policy 

- All reservations are taken on a First come – First served basis, full payment must be received to reserve space (unless otherwise agreed) 

- In case of ferry cancelations, rescheduling will be attempted, if rescheduling is not possible, a full refund will be issued. 

- There are NO REFUNDS on cancelations for ANY OTHER reasons. 

- In the unlikely scenario that the ferry arrives to Bimini, but the dive is cancelled, a credit for the dive portion of the trip will be given. In other words, your trip can be rescheduled to a future date and you’ll only be responsible for paying the ferry portion only ($155 pp as of 10/1/2019) 


Requirements for bookings: 

- Full payment (PayPal & all major credit cards accepted) 

- Travel documents (valid U.S. passport or Valid foreign passport & U.S. residency card ONLY) 

- Name and last name as written on passport 

- Travel document expiration date 

- Date of birth 

- E-mail address where confirmation will be sent 

- Dark colored wetsuit, hoodie, fins & gloves 


- Q: What and where is Bimini? 

- A: Bimini is a set of three islands located 50 miles East of Miami that belong to the commonwealth of the Bahamas. Known for its crystal-clear waters, pristine dive sites and abundant marine life, Bimini is certainly one of the Bahamas best kept secrets! 


- Q: How are we getting there? 

- A: By far, the most convenient way to travel to Bimini is with the Balearia-Caribbean ferry service. This high-speed vessel travels at 32 knots (cruising speed) making the crossings from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini in under 2 hours. You’ll be there before you know it while enjoying the comfort and convenience of this ferry. 


- Q: Where does the ferry leave from / return? 

- A: Balearia Caribbean departs from Port Everglades at 9:00 AM and returns at 9:30 PM. For further information about the precise terminal that the ferry will leave from, please visit: 


- Q: What happens if I miss the ferry? 

- A: The ferry check-in opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 8:00 AM. If for any reason you do not make it to the terminal between those times, you will miss the ferry, and NO REFUND will be issued to you. The same goes if you forget to bring your travel documents and/or boarding is denied. 


- Q: What happens if weather does not allow for the trip to take place? 

- A: Our cancellation policy is very simple: If the ferry cancels the crossing for any reason, your trip can be rescheduled to a future date without penalty, or a full refund can be issued if you prefer. In the unlikely scenario that the ferry arrives to Bimini, but the dive is cancelled, a credit for the dive portion of the package will be given. In other words, your trip can be rescheduled to a future date and you’ll only be responsible for paying the ferry portion of the trip ($155 pp, depending on travel dates) 

- Q: Are passports necessary for this trip? 

- A: Valid passports are quired for U.S. citizens. (Birth and Naturalization Certificates are NO LONGER ACCEPTED as of April of 2018) 

Most NON-U.S. citizens can travel with a valid passport and valid U.S. visas for re-entry into the U.S. 

Permanent residents can travel with Valid passports from their country of origin, and permanent resident card. 

Some countries may require a visa to enter the Bahamas. Please refer to: for additional information. 


- Q: Do I need to exchange money to Bahamian currency before I arrive? 

- A: There is no need to exchange money, as U.S. currency is widely accepted in the 

Bahamas at a 1=1 exchange rate. Please be advised that Resorts World Bimini is a “Cashless Resort”, this means that cash is not accepted at restaurants / bars. Make sure that you notify your bank / credit card company of your travel plans. 


- Q: Will my phone work in Bimini? 

- A: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Verizon will work, but you may incur roaming fees depending on your plan. 

We suggest setting your phones to airplane mode to avoid any surprises. There will be free Wi-Fi at the resort that can be used for online calling/texting or data usage during your visit. If you need to communicate with us during your stay, our U.S. line can receive text messages and WhatsApp is commonly used, our number is: 786- 280-6861 


- Q: What level or dive certification do I need for this dive? 

- A: Almost anyone with an open water scuba certification is welcomed, but some experience is required. Make sure to let us know if this is your first-time diving with 14’+ sharks and we’ll prepare you as much as possible for your experience. 

If anyone from our staff determines that you don’t have the training, experience or physical condition required to carry out the dive, you will not be allowed to dive or may be asked to return to the boat at any time during the dive. 


- Q: Can I have a beer or alcoholic beverages on the ferry or on the dive boat? 

- A: You sure can, however, your fist drink will mark the end of your dives for the day and no refund will be issued to you if this takes place before your first dive. 


- Q: Can I request for the dive to be moved to an earlier/later time? 

- A: As a dynamic operation, our departure time has been adjusted to 1:00 PM with the sole purpose of benefiting our customers. We expect that you trust our judgement when it comes to our operation and you don’t request any changes in our itinerary. 

- Q: Will I see any other species of sharks in this dive? 

- A: Although this dive is focused on Great Hammerheads, you may also see plenty of nurse sharks a few bull sharks and an occasional tiger shark lurking in the distance. 

This is the reason why we highly recommend that everyone covers up with dark colored full-length wetsuits, hoodies and gloves. 


- Q: Can I feed the sharks? 

- A: ABSOLUTELY NOT, we don’t allow touching, hugging, chasing or harassing the sharks or any type of marine life in any way, the feeding is solely done by our trained feeder, please don’t ask. 


- Q: Can I bring my underwater camera on the dive? 

- A: Please do and take lots of pictures!!! If you don’t have an underwater camera, one can be rented from us for only $49+ tax including a 6 GB SD card for you to keep. 


- Q: are dark wetsuits, hoodies and gloves mandatory? 

- A: They are not mandatory, but we STRUNGLY suggest you wear them. You’ll thank us during the dive as you’ll lose body heat by being stationary for over 60 minutes on the sea floor. If you don’t have any of these three important components, a hoodie can be rented from us for $10 and a wetsuit for $25. 

Please let us know as early as possible if you’ll need to rent any gear from us so we’ll have it ready for you on the boat. 


- Q: Why is it only a one tank dive? 

- A: This dive is conducted in only 25-35 ft. of water, so one tank will last the average diver over an hour of dive time. We have learned that divers (usually) start to get cold before they run out of air. Our longest bottom time has been 116 minutes on 1/21/2018 


- Q: What is the water temperature during the dive? 

- A: The water temperature ranges between 74 and 80 degrees, December and January being the coldest months and November and April the warmest. 

This is one of the reasons why it is suggested that you wear a wetsuit, we think a 3- mm would suffice. 


- Q: Is there a chance that the hammerheads won’t show up? 

- A: Yes, as with any other wild animal, there is a chance that the hammerheads won’t show up during our dive. Nonetheless, we will make every effort to draw them in by chumming, scraping and using our proved techniques to entice the sharks to approach. 


- Q: What happens if the Hammerhead sharks don’t show up? 

- A: We’ll try our best to draw the hammerhead sharks in, but in the unlikely scenario that the sharks won’t show up by 3:30 PM, we’ll still jump in the water and enjoy diving with the sharks that are there. Maybe nurse sharks, bull sharks and potentially a tiger shark. However, there will be NO refund / credit issued in this case. 


- Q: Why is this price so low? 

- A: This packaged deal is being offered at a discounted price in order to make it more accessible to our customers and hoping that you will spread the word to everyone about this wonderful experience. 


- Q: Are there any other fees/taxes/charges? 

- A: There are no tricks or gimmicks here, all fees & taxes are included in the price, also included is the Bahamas departure tax. 

The only fees not included are parking at Port Everglades, checked-in luggage ($25/bag, each way) and food/drinks. 

Gratuity to our staff is not mandatory but very much appreciated. 


- Q: Who is Bimini Undersea? 

- A:  Bimini Undersea is Bimini’s longest continuously operating dive shop est. in 1978. We are proud to be #1 of 16 things to do in Bimini, according to TripAdvisor, as well as recipients of the certificate of excellence award for 2016, 2017 & 2018 also from 

TripAdvisor and the friendliest (in our opinion) dive / water adventure operator in the island with a 4.8 rating on Facebook. 


- Q: Can I book a longer trip? 

- A: Absolutely!!! Let your favorite Dive Shop / Dive Club know the dates, length and number of dives of your ideal trip. There are plenty of dive sites for every level of certification. Bimini is a small island with lots of thrills for water enthusiasts! 


- Got any more questions? 


Feel free to reach out to us at our U.S. number: 786-280-6861 or PM us on FB, or IG, or email us at 

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