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Michael Vanwert: Maui, HI

My entire learning experience in a nutshell:
My first day I was extremely nervous, I have been diving for about four years and knew Chris and Dani personally from Key largo Fl. And grew up with Ethan. That being said it was more of the honor of working with these guys professionally in a learning environment that made my heart tick faster. It was soon calmed once we all sat down and passed inside jokes from one another. Which only made learning easier. My colleague Joe was a prior hard hat diver and phenomenal buddy as we practiced in Olowalu and Black Rock/Airport beach. All of the training staff was beyond professional and had answers for any given question. Going into the IE things got smoothed out quickly and all of our learning came out as effortlessly as we had learned it. I’m extremely great full to have shared this experience with these guys and would recommend it to all of my upcoming dive masters.


I literally waited four years to do my IDC specifically with Chris for this reason and couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. Thanks so much for letting me learn with you and look forward to doing my MSDT training in the future at some point! Cheers and Aloha

Michael Vanwert
Padi scuba instructor #419492

Mike Vanwert DIVE ARMY IDC testimonial Maui.png
Mike Vanwert DIVE ARMY IDC testimonial Maui Hawaii.jpg
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