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DIVE ARMY loves working with Diveheart

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Today, our Diveheart Adaptive Instructor candidates were put to the test. To further our empathy training and task loading skills, the candidates had to take turns participating in each role as an amputee, paraplegic and quadriplegic divers. Dive heart Adaptive Instructor training is the most comprehensive adaptive training in the industry. Dive heart emphasizes on dramatic expansion of the dive team, where each person has a role and responsibilities in order to ensure a successful dive. This is to ensure that our instructors and volunteers are well trained and well prepared in order to work with the divers of varying abilities. This training included full facemark training for quadriplegic divers as well as fitting different adaptive equipment to the diver and adjusting for comfort. Our candidates not only exceeded in their training but also were able to put themselves in other divers' fins, so to speak, in order to think outside of the box to accomplish tasks that may be associated with different disabilities, in order to be a better trainer and volunteer for divers of differing abilities.

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