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Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Hello! My name is Shelbie and I grew up going to Maui with my family every other year. When my sister turned 12, her and my dad got their open water certifications and started diving together. I was crushed. I wanted nothing more than to go with them and see for myself all the things they would tell me they would see on their dives. When I turned 10, I did a Discover Scuba Diving and went on my very first open water dive. I was obsessed. I started begging my parents to get certified and once we got back home they took me to Monterey and I became a junior open water diver. And boy was it was COLD! Monterey was nothing like the warm waters of Maui and it made me want to go back to Hawaii but also made me start thinking about what other places might be like.

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Course Director

Digital Underwater Photographer Instructor

Peak Performance Bouyancy Instructor

AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation

Dive Against Debris Trainer

Project AWARE Instructor

AWARE - Fish Identification

AWARE - Shark Conservation

Drift Diver Trainer

Search & Recovery Diver Trainer

Dry Suit Trainer

Self-Reliant Diver Instructor

Boat Diver Trainer

Emergency Oxygen Provider Trainer

Underwater Navigator Trainer

Deep Diver Trainer

Enriched Air Diver Trainer

Underwater Videographer Instructor

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Trainer

Night Diver Trainer

Wreck Diver Trainer

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