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Shelbie Schilling: sacramento, ca

I was a part of Maui Diving’s February IDC with Course Director Chris Adam’s (238597) and I was blown away by my experience there. The staff, Sarah Sisco (Staff Instructor), Johnny Matthews (Master Instructor), and of course Chris Adam’s were absolutely exceptional! They made themselves available day and night to answer any and all questions we had, reassuring us every step of the way that we would be more than prepared for the IE by the end of the IDC, and they made the whole stressful process so much fun! By the time the IE rolled around, they were correct, the IE was sooo easy! All because of the training we received. I never felt like just another candidate with these guys. They really cared about each one of us and the progress we were making as both individuals and as a team, custom tailoring the whole experience for the candidates they had at the time instead of teaching an instructor course from start to finish. 

Johnny and Sarah gave us all kinds of tips and tricks on how to become a great instructor and they helped me think outside the box when I would get stuck on a problem or scenario. 

Chris really molded me into the confident instructor that I am and taught me so many things I only thought I would learn through experience. He went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared, not just for the IE, but for all kinds of first time students. 

I highly recommend anyone going through the IDC to hunt down Chris and make sure they take his course. I know that when I move on to become a Staff Instructor, I will be seeking out Chris and go wherever he is teaching. 

Thank you for providing me with such amazing instructors to learn from most of all, such an exceptional course director!

Shelbie Delestine


Shelbie DIVE ARMY testimnoial scuba diving IDC .jpg
Shelbie DIVE ARMY testimonial IDC scuba diving shark.jpg
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