Sean Schnitzer, Washington D.C

I first spoke with Chris as an advanced open water diver looking to become an instructor after graduating college.  I told Chris I had another opportunity to move to Mexico to advance in the field I studied while in school and he actually told me to take that opportunity instead of spending my time becoming an instructor!  It was an easy decision for me, because I had wanted to become an instructor ever since I was certified a few years prior.  The reason I tell this story is because it was evident from the beginning that Chris cared more about me and my future (without even knowing me) than he did about making a little extra money from training me.  To me, THAT is what Chris is all about.  He wants those he comes in contact with to better themselves, no matter the situation.  As an instructor, he is very patient and makes everything fun.  He is very knowledgeable when it comes to diving ( I dare you to quiz him when you meet him) and has worked and dived all over the world.  Chris is an extraordinary instructor and an even better person.  DO NOT HESITATE to get in touch with him - I personally guarantee you will not regret it.