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Richard Merenda: Sacramento, CA

I am a US Army combat veteran and when I exited the military I wanted to find a new purpose and have the opportunity to still lead people due to my experience and training. When I decided to move up in my scuba diving career, I met Chris Adams and he was a huge influence on me becoming a PADI instructor and how to use my experience as an advantage in this field. Chris strives to share his knowledge and expects nothing but total dedication which reflects in his instructor program. I am truly thankful for his expertise and passion for scuba diving which has been a monumental piece to my own success. I would highly recommend DIVE ARMY and Chris Adams on any event he is involved with.

Richard Merenda

US ARMY (ret)

Richard Merenda DIVE ARMY PADI IDC Spieg
Richard Merenda DIVE ARMY PADI IDC Key L
Richard Merenda DIVE ARMY PADI IDC VA ap
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