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Erik Payeur, Director: Adventure dive and Photo

Chris is truly in the business of transforming lives. For me this could not be more true. I have had the pleasure of learning from Chris for many years. He was my personal Jedi Master as I moved through the ranks from Instructor all the way to Course Director. He was always in my corner giving me a little push and letting me know “you got this Erik!” What a difference that makes. When you meet Chris for the first time you will feel a sense of awe. Chris will quickly blow your mind with not only his incredible knowledge of Scuba Instruction, but his insatiable love and understanding of the ocean itself. Ask him about bathymetry…don’t worry everyone has to look it up the first time! He is the type of person that is going to push you to become the best, because he knows you can do it. He truly believes in you and wants the best for you. Not only as a dive professional but as a person. Chris wants nothing more than to help you succeed and will be the first to let you know it was all you. Chris was/is my mentor and I consider him one of my friends. He will give you the cold truth and follow it up with “how can I help?” Could not ask for a better guy in your corner than Chris Adams. He will be honest and supportive in the same breath. Chris is a guy that will have your back. This young Padawan will always look to Chris for guidance and direction in the ways of the Scuba Force! 


Erik Payeur

Training Director/Course Director

Aquaventure Dive and Photo

Maple Grove, MN

Erik Payeur DIVE ARMY Silfra Rift IDC Ke
Erik Payeur DIVE ARMY PADI IDC Key Largo
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