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Ryan Carr, New Mexico

When I got on the plane to attend the IDC I admittedly felt unprepared and questioned if I was ready for the daunting Instructor Exam.  As the commander for the New Mexico State Police Search and Recovery Dive Team I was not just reaching for a personal goal, but also had the responsibility to my team and my department resting on my shoulders.  When I got to Florida and met Chris Adams, who had already been an encouraging voice on the phone for the past two years, I knew I was in good hands.  The instruction and guidance I received from him was second to none.  A few days with Chris reminded me, diving is fun!  After a week and a half with him, even the Instructor Exam was fun!  Chris helped to make this, hands down, the best training experience I’ve had in my 20-year career!


Sergeant Ryan Carr

New Mexico State Police

Search and Recovery Team

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