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Brendan Stone: Key Largo, Floida

After working many years in the corporate world I woke up one day looked at my fiancé at the time and said “time to chase my dream and become an instructor”. 2 days later I was in Key Largo for my IDC and I met Chris. The training that I received was second to none. I left to go home 2 days after I passed my IE to get married then 2 days after I came back for my MSDT prep with him. Thank god I have a supportive wife lol. After spending almost a month learning from Chris I decided to uproot my wife and life and move down to the Keys to make my dream of a being full time scuba instructor come true. Almost 2 years later and now a Technical instructor as well still here, still living the dream. Thanks brother for helping me accomplish what I have always wanted!

Brendan Stone (Stoney)

Padi,SDI,TDI Instructor 

Key Largo FL

Brendan Stone DIVE ARMY PADI Tec Rec Tec
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