Experience 8 days and 7 nights diving one of the most spectacular and sought after dive locations in the world. September 14- 21, 2023. $500 per person nonrefundable deposit holds your spot initially. All following payments are subject to payment schedule as outlined on trip website and agreed upon in signed contract . Failure to make timely payments may result in penalty fees and forfeiture of reserved spaces.

Komodo 2023 DEPOSIT ONLY

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  • Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Indonesian islands, is the rugged habitat of the 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard. Komodo National Park covers the entire region and is home to more than 4,000 dragons, and is made up of rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah and forests. Its surrounding waters of seagrass beds, mangrove shrublands and coral reefs are famous for diving.

    Highlights of the itinerary: Manta rays in Makassar Reef & Manta Alley, variety of beautiful soft corals, schooling fishes such as Jacks, fusiliers, Eagle Rays, Napoleon and Bumphead wrasses, Oriental Sweet Lips, black tip sharks, nurse sharks, Oceanic White Tip Sharks, Dolphins, Great macro life, and "The Dragon Walk". 

    • This itinerary offers 3 to 4 dives per day depending on daily location, including night dives.

    • Water temperatures can vary greatly within the park.
      - low of  72F/22C in the southern region
      - high of  84F/29C in the northern region.

    • 3-5mm wetsuit with hood is recommended year round.

    • Guests are also suggested to bring reef hooks for use at some dive spots


    All diving is done from two 20" x 8' tenders.


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